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Why an Entrepreneur Must Understand the Concept of Best and Highest Use (BHU)

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Now, I guess you could have heard about this concept somewhere. BHU simply stands for the Best and Highest Use. Every person in this world has his or her best and highest use, isn’t it? Some people refer to it as talent though the two may not exactly be the same, though closely related. As an entrepreneur, do you understand this concept? If you do, have you identified your BHU? If you have identified it, do you make use of it? And beyond yourself, do you also extend this concept to your employees? Well, I know the answers vary per individual. Whatever the case, lets proceed and consider some important benefits of BHU.

  • BHU maximizes individual effectiveness and efficiency. Don’t you desire to be efficient and effective as an entrepreneur? What about your staffs, don’t you desire the same for them? Now, identifying and making use of the BHU can help you achieve a level of effectiveness and efficiency that will make your business grow and achieve its vision and mission. We all know that productivity is extremely vital in an organization. You can read my Ezine article on the importance of productivity to understand more about the value of productivity in your enterprise.
  • BHU unlocks latent abilities and potential in an individual. Within you there are some latent abilities and potential. You need to unlock such and make the best of them in the interest of your enterprise. The same applies to your employees. You simply can’t pretend to be good at everything an as entrepreneur, though it’s good for you to have a general idea about every aspect of running the enterprise. Let those who have the ability and potential to thrive in a given function do their part, while you concentrate on what you do best. Isn’t this wisdom? When you are solution-oriented you tend to achieve more.
  • BHU improves creativity and resourcefulness and this can greatly benefit your enterprise. Don’t you think so? Entrepreneurship revolves around creativity and innovation, and the most creative enterprises tend to make headways that others find very difficult. What about resourcefulness? BHU enables release of resourcefulness in an individual. Can’t you take advantage of this in your enterprise? 
  • BHU can help guide assignment of duties and responsibilities to staffs. Based on the above considerations, you do well by assigning duties and responsibilities to staffs in light of their BHUs. You will certainly get the best from them, other factors being favorable, won’t you? Now, you need to start reconsidering whether your staffs are assigned jobs that relate to their BHU.
  • BHU is linked with passion and eliminates internal conflict and restlessness among staffs in an organization. Now, passion is good for you and your staffs or associates. No wonder budding entrepreneurs are advised to start enterprises in areas they are passionate about. When your effort is aligned with your passion you will have internal peace and rest. The reverse is true when you are just forcing yourself to do what you don’t really like. Isn’t this true?

 I guess you don’t need rocket science to identify and make use of your BHU. The same applies to your employees. In fact if you have a human resource manager in your enterprise, he or she can help you in this aspect. If you don’t you may have to consult externally, if you must. You stand a higher chance of maximizing on your human capital if you make use of the above concept. As an entrepreneur you need to be wise, don’t you? Beyond just creating an enterprise and existing in the business world, you need to succeed and possibly build a great enterprise that adds a lot of value to humanity.

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Why an Entrepreneur Must Understand the Concept of Best and Highest Use BHU

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