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Why an Entrepreneur Must Delegate

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Are you one of those entrepreneurs that hardly delegate? Do you always feel like doing everything by yourself in your enterprise? Do you somehow feel your subordinates will just mess things up hence you need to handle them yourself? If your answer is yes to these then you could be missing out on so many good things. Whatever the size and level of your enterprise you will find that delegation is extremely valuable. When you develop the habit of assigning duties, roles and responsibilities to your subordinates, while monitoring through feedback, your enterprise can gain a lot. Don’t you think so?  But how can you and your enterprise gain from delegation?

  • As an entrepreneur you simply can’t do everything, can you? Why not focus on the majors and leave the minors for others to handle? By doing this you make the best use of your time and energy resources. Delegation enables you to look at the big picture – the things that matter most for the future of your enterprise. Vital issues such as strategy, growth, change management, leadership development, continuity etc should be the ones occupying your mind, not just every detail. Isn’t this a smart move for you?
  • By assigning tasks to your juniors you can assess their abilities and skills and also build on these. What about teaching your staffs responsibility and accountability, handling power and authority, leadership etc? Don’t you think you may end up with a pack of dumb people around you if you don’t delegate? Now, do you like such people around your enterprise? Of course not – hence your need to style up and delegate.
  • Additionally, can you look around and list great enterprises that reach that status without perfecting the art of delegation? It should be obvious to you that growth and development comes with delegation. If you desire to remain one tiny corner retail shop in your locality then you can ignore delegation. If you however desire to build a chain of stores or units/offices (of whatever size) across several locations, you can’t avoid delegation, can you? You need to dream big – and big dreamers are delegation experts.
  • Good learning opportunities occur through delegation. Don’t you want your subordinates to learn from you, in the interest of your enterprise? Can’t you coach, mentor, develop etc while you delegate duties and responsibilities? If you can’t make use of delegation to transfer knowledge and skills as an entrepreneur then you can as well quit.
  • Now, which employer or entrepreneur does not like high productivity in his or her enterprise? Delegation, through improving efficiency and effectiveness over time, improves organizational productivity – with all its attendant benefits. Productivity is one area of enterprise management that breaks the ranks. Do you want to move ahead of the pack? If yes, work towards maximizing your enterprise productivity – and delegation can help you achieve this.
  • Do you desire high level of motivation and employee engagement? Learn and practice the art of delegation and soon you will have an energized team working round the clock towards your enterprise goals and objectives. Don’t you believe this?
  • By the way, what about your retirement plans? The hard fact is that time will force you to delegate whether you like it or not. You don’t need to ask why, do you? While you may be full of energy today and feel invincible, just give yourself some two decades down the road. Why not start planning for that time now by delegating – and developing a nice and effective team that will carry on your vision beyond your retirement?

Sometimes you come across entrepreneurs who hold things too tightly – thinking that they can achieve much with that approach. Unfortunately, research indicates otherwise. Delegate – and you can be free to enjoy your holidays while people are working for you. How can you for example, oversee several enterprises operating across several geographical locations, without delegation? How can you keep your sanity without delegation?

In conclusion, rule number one is this: delegate as much as you can and as early as you can. Rule number two is this: in case of doubt refer to rule number one. But don’t forget to be wise as you delegate. Make use of the power of choice. Choose to delegate. Period.

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Why an Entrepreneur Must Delegate

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