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Another book by the author, published in the United States by Createspace, and available through is a book entitled “Beyond The Comfort Zone”

This book is a fascinating study of the paradox of comfort and discomfort, and how the pursuit of comfort—and avoidance of discomfort—can, and often does, lead us away from the satisfaction we hope to find. What does the author mean when he writes about bad comfort? And how could something as illogical as good discomfort make perfect sense? The answers are found in this book.

We are a society focused on seeking happiness and success. Whether our goal is personal fulfillment, improved health, spiritual growth or social, family, and career satisfaction, we aim toward the comfort zone that we’ve been taught represents the ultimate achievement. When we look back over the lessons taught by family, schools, and community, were we ever told that discomfort can lead to success and happiness? In Beyond the Comfort Zone, Clayton reminds us that discomfort can often be a positive force in discovering our true comfort zone. The book introduces readers to concepts that at first might feel strange—alien, in fact—and yet make sense. In fact, the very paradox of comfort and discomfort serves as an indicator of so much in our lives, including how we view, or approach, our personal and professional goals. This is not a “No pain, no gain” way of thinking, rather a logical and comprehensive guide for people of all ages desiring to improve their lives and fulfill their dreams.

Clayton’s concept of bad comfort—our goal-oriented and often hedonistic society never looks at comfort as a negative, and yet the author puts forth a very good argument to support the idea that seeking comfort can lead us into traps, whereas good discomfort helps to guide us toward what we seek, which is a successful and rewarding life. Central to his premise is how we choose between comfort and discomfort, and the attitudes we have about accepting that some very uncomfortable situations can result in realizing our goals. An example is how we accept the challenges and stresses of hard work and study in order to realize academic success and, in turn, career achievement. Moving out of our predetermined comfort zones and into areas of discomfort will often result in an expanded awareness of ourselves, our environment, and the opportunities awaiting us. When we are willing to discomfort ourselves, the result can be the discovery of true comfort; when we seek all that represents our concept of comfort, we often find ourselves in a world of discomfort. Work, home, friendship, love—so much is determined by the risks we are willing to take.

The message is loud and clearcomfort can be an obstacle to change, growth, and achievement“. In this compelling book, you will learn about:

A straightforward, reader-friendly, yet professional look into how a new perspective can change your life. With this guide all is possible.