The Wise Entrepreneur

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Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs are described as successful entrepreneurs? Do you dream of your business that you are labouring so much to build, to one day be described as a successful business? Do you desire your business to be a winning business? Are you looking for ways in which you can attain or deploy excellence in business? Are you searching for what makes a successful business? Or, are you just starting a business and you are considering ways in which you should successfully transform your business ideas into a viable and sustainable enterprise? Are you already successful in business, but looking to take it to yet another level, or go international? Is it knowledge on how to manage money, machinery, manpower, materials, time, information etc that you are searching for? Could you be a researcher on entrepreneurship?

These and many more answers to various enterprise or business management issues are taken care of in this book entitled ‘The Wise Entrepreneur’, written by an academician, entrepreneur and accomplished business manager. Whether you are a student focusing on understanding entrepreneurship or business management or business administration, or whether you are already a practicing entrepreneur at whatever level, the resource in this book will certainly appeal to you. Success in business does not come by chance. It comes as a result of vision and concerted efforts operating under the right leadership and entrepreneurial mindset including attitude. Successful enterprises or businesses do not emerge out of nothing. They emerge out of visionary entrepreneurs with diverse entrepreneurship ideas, identifying and taking advantage of opportunities, mobilising and managing resources with good execution culture, positioning and repositioning themselves while meeting specific market needs, hence achieving tangible results.

Starting from the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, and moving to consider issues such as planning and starting an enterprise, financing approaches, organising and managing an enterprise, managing the various enterprise resources, making use of mentors and other experts, managing information and knowledge, growing and developing an enterprise, avoiding common pitfalls and managing success, managing enterprise continuity and exit, this book offers a very comprehensive guide on entrepreneurship. You will learn how to start, manage, grow and develop your business through this book. You will get tips for growing a successful business in this book. You will learn some of the fundamental characteristics and habits of entrepreneurs, and discover that they are not mystical, but can be acquired. You will learn the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs and also famous entrepreneurs worldwide and their successful businesses through this book.

This book draws from the minds of successful entrepreneurs from various parts of the world. It also draws from the minds of various outstanding people in history, including current and past leaders of nations. Hundreds of quotations from wise men, quoted in context of the subject under discussion, are contained in this book. These entrepreneurship quotations, together with other quotations beyond business but dealing with various life issues, can guide you to be successful both in business and in life generally. Whether you are an info-preneur, social entrepreneur, intra-preneur, pro-preneur, serial entrepreneur, eco-preneur or whatever, you will certainly find much value through the vast knowledge contained in this book. Your whole outlook on entrepreneurship and other related aspects of life will be transformed by this book. This is certainly one of the best books on entrepreneurship.