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9 Lessons from the ‘Purple Cow’ by Seth Godin

My dear entrepreneur, one of the things I have mentioned repeatedly in my blogs is the need for entrepreneurs to be informed. I have severally emphasized the need for an

Key Things An Entrepreneur Must Know About Pricing – Part 2

In my blog entitled What Key Things Must An Entrepreneur Know About Pricing, I wrote about various pricing methods and approaches such as cost-plus, penetration, premium, incremental, promotional, luxury, value-based

Top 4 Reasons Why An Entrepreneur Can Fire A Customer

Every business desires to attract and retain customers, isn’t this so? Yes – being an entrepreneur you always strive to bring clients or customers into your business because they are

The Value in Customer Complaints

Now, no honest businessman can convince me that he has had no complaints from his customers about something they didn’t like. And if you come across such an entrepreneur you